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The Glen Season Update 2015

The past season started with a very slow spring – late and cold. However by early December it had greatly improved warmth wise, but by January the dry had already set in and has continued through until early April.  With early reduced stock numbers and careful marketing we have been better off than those further down the valley and towards the coast, who have next to no grass and winter feed just striking through the ground. Winter will be a tough call, especially for those who rely on dairy grazing.

Our Crusader, Sylvain and Domcamillo cattle have done exceptionally well in this drought, with reasonable weights on limited feed. With the “Certified Charolais” branding bull buyers can be confident that they are buying a guaranteed original Charolais with the latest modern genetics. Don’t be put off because our bulls are horned. While it is another job to do, probably only 50% of calves will have horns, while you will get the benefit of better cross breeding, thicker coats, stronger muscling and more likely faster growth rate.

Already with two falls of snow on the close ranges the ground temperatures will soon cool down so we are hoping we get some growth before that happens. Our recent Charolais AGM tour around Gore was a health benefit, with some wanting to roll in the green grass and others wanting to take a car load home.

Many thanks to the repeat buyers of our bulls; your continued support of our specialist stud farm is appreciated.  We welcome new buyer enquiries as we have a strong line of Full French Charolais bulls available shortly and details of these bulls including photographs and growth figures are available by clicking here.

Bill and Geri croppedGeraldine and Bill

The GlenThe Glen original charolais