2013 Update

2013 Season Update

While the North Island and much of the South have sweltered under the drought here at The Glen we had a very slow wet spring with a few nor’east rains up until January, which have given us a reasonable season. Depressing prices for sheep meat because beyond the farm gate our processors haven’t stepped up their game, has burdened us all. However our Charolais have performed well.

In May 2012 we programmed 11 older cows to autumn calve this year. We used a new blood line, Dom Camillo, semen we sourced from Bova AI in Ireland. We were very pleased with the conception success rate (only 1 return). The calves are now on the ground – all like peas in a pod. We had an exciting time waiting for the calves to arrive, hoping as always for some bull calves but we have 10 beautiful heifer calves – a little bit disappointing. However that could be the Irish in the bull (Murphy’s Law!!). We will try again this year. We also programmed 10 heifers (again only 1 return).We used 3 different bloodlines – Brookfield Umpire, Merridale Saul and J R Super Cadet ( Full French bull from Canada). We did get 3 bulls calves from these heifers. All heifers and cows calved easily.

Our sale bulls have performed well and are looking good, although as the dry continues it will take its affect on the bloom they had earlier. We have 10 bulls for sale with potential for a stud bull. These bulls are by Crusader, an AI son of Sylvain (semen imported from Bova AI). He leaves a very good pattern and type with an extremely good temperament.

The New Zealand Charolais Cattle Society recently held a very successful AGM in Nelson with many interesting visits – Charolais cattle studs, alpacas, honey factory, sheep milking and even catching salmon. A great time was had by all those who attended. Old friends were caught up with, and new ones made and members look forward to this event each year.